1. Nam-1975's Giant Cargo Fighter (Stage III)

This gigantic cargo is  the third level Boss of Nam-1975, and let's say it is at par with the heavyweights Blazing Star and Pulstar! Longer than three screens and high of more than a screen, it's a giant flying fortress.

2. Metal Slug 5's "The Scyther" (Final Boss)

Here's a quite unusual Boss in the Metal Slug series: this creature is half-alien, half ghost. We were more accustomed to huge vehicles, and some Alien transports! A great opponent whose weak point is the skull on the chest.

3. Shock Troopers 2's Mobile Unit (Stage III)

Shock Troopers 2nd Squad will have you facing a lot of unusual Bosses, such as buildings, space rockets, stealth fighters... But still the most impressive of all is this Mobile Unit, which is an armored train bristling with war weapons.

The choice was extensive here, with the numerous huge Bosses featured in the Metal Slug games, Shock Troopers 1 & 2 as well as Cyber ​​Lip, Top Hunter or Spinmaster... So, here we are with a nice bunch of huge monsters!


1. Waku Waku 7's Fernandez

A huge black ball, completely hysterical, packing a sharp teeth: here's Sunsoft's game final Boss! The zoom-out is not luxury during the fight, as this motherfucker occupies almost all the space on screen during close combat!

2. Kabuki Klash's Lucifeller

Lucifeller is the final boss of Kabuki Klash, a 'transformed' version Jyashinsai the sorcerer! This demon equipped with horns and bat wings is visually very impressive.

3. Art of Fighting 3's Wyler

Wyler was a quite normal young man... before he absorbs a mixture stuffed with hormones! So in this last Art of Fighting episode, we are dealing with an huge bodybuilded fighter gone completely mad!

We necessarily think of Earthquake from Samurai Shodown for this classification, which didn't make it to this Top-3 only because he's not a Boss!



1. Metal Slug 3's Rootmars (Final Boss)

Rootmars is the brain of the alien invasion that began in Metal Slug 2, and you must go to the depths of their mother ship in space to dislodge this monster! It's neither more nor less than a living 'brain', equipped with atrophied limbs and small cruel eyes... One inevitably thinks about Starship Troopers, another nod to a movie from Nazca's saga.

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