2. Cyber-Lip's Bio Mutant (Stage I)

This hideous phallic mutant Boss is well known for having been seen on many magazines or websites, even by a majority of players who have never played Cyber ​​Lip. He's rather easy to beat, but he will be long reminded for its ugliness!

3. Andro Dunos' Triple Tongue (Stage III)

Another giant brain totally infamous! This granular, gelatinous, fat, putrid, disgusting Boss awaits you at the end of Andro Dunos' third stage: take care to its three extensive tentacles!

Cyber ​​Lip packs a nice collection of ugly Bosses, but MS3 did better with Rootmars. Mutation Nation and Crossed Swords should be mentioned too, as these contain some beautiful monsters too!



1. King of the Monsters 2's King Famardy (Final Boss)

Second title for the monstrous King of Famardy from KOTM2! In addition to being huge and visually horrible, it pays the luxury of being excessively hard to beat. Let's be clear: bring a dozen credits, because whatever happens, you will die!

2. Nam-1975's Dr R. Muckly (Final Boss)

SNK had the good idea to limit the number of available credits to one against the Dr. Muckly. Reflexes of cats and diabolical precision will be required to beat this true son of a b...!

3. Matrimelee's Sissy (Final Boss)

Sissy is a young girl looking for love, yes... and incidentally, she likes kicking violently asses of those who come close to her. Be warned, this Boss is degenerated and has many priorities, in addition to her devastating long-range attacks . Good luck ...

We expected to find King Famardy in this classification, as well as some Kof Bosses: Dio from World Heroes 2 came close to the third place!



1. Geese Howard (13 appearances)

Geese is the ultimate badass!
Geese is the ultimate badass!

Geese Howard is a leading figure of the Neo Geo world, as well as the Bogard brothers or Kyo Kusanagi. Appeared for the first time in Fatal Fury, he comes back in Fatal Fury Special, Art of Fighting 2, and later FF3, the Real Bout games and even SVC Chaos in 2003. Thirteen appearances in total, the absolute record on the system!

2. Sergent Allen O'Neil (6 appearances)

The name of Sergeant Allen O'Neil might not ring a bell to you, but anyone who ever played a Metal Slug game has probably crossed him, armed with its machine gun! He is actually a Mid-Boss, a true Rambo you'll have to beat in every game of the series, somewhere in a stage. General Morden could have been mentioned in this top, but as you only face the different vehicle he controls rather than himself, things are a little different!

3. Amakusa Shiro Tokisada (5 appearances)

Amakusa is the first Boss appeared in Samurai Shodown, and the least we can say, is that he will be remembered! Absent from the second episode, he's back in Samurai Shodown III, and then will be featured in every episode.

Rugal ranks fourth, followed by more secondary bosses like Dio, some mobile fortresses of Metal Slug, Wolfgang Krauser, Zankuro ... But Geese's omnipresence as a Boss is absolute!

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