Vile beasts, glaucous creatures, huge Leviathans, titanic fighters, indestructible war machines... Hundreds of Bosses more vicious and frightening than each other inhabit the bowels of our good old Neo Geo cartridges. In this classification signed by Neo Geo Kult, discover the different podiums (by category) of these colorful creatures and characters...





1. Pulstar's Space Leviathan (Stage III)

In the category of several-screens-long Bosses, Pulstar Space Leviathan is a real monster! With more than three and a half screens long and two-thirds of the height, this giant is barded with deadly weapons ... Good luck against the titan!

2. Blazing Star's Admiral Ship (Stage VI)

The Mothership, which closes the sixth stage of Blazing Star, has not much to envy Pulstar's Leviathan! Assisted by three huge fighters sending heavy fire at your place, it may very well slip through your fingers if you are not 100% effective at the time of attack.

3. Prehistoric Isle 2's Kraken (Final Boss)

The final boss of Prehistoric Isle 2 comes straight out of a Lovecraft novel (Cthulu!). This form of life has many eyes and beaks, claws and other tentacles... His attacks are spectacular, but with a little practice, a good player can overcome quite easily.

The Neo Geo system with its graphics layer system, allowed the display of huge Bosses, and the Shoot them Up of the system are filled with!


1.  Ninja Combat's Genyosaï (Final Boss)

In Ninja Combat, we can hear about Genyosaï from time to time at the end of the stages, but we were never expecting to encounter such a monster! Once his human form is defeated, the head of the sorcerer takes place on a giant elemental occupying almost the whole screen!

2. King of the Monsters 2' s King Famardy (Final Boss)

King Famardy is not only horribly disgusting, but it occupies almost the entire playing area! Good luck against this madman, because KOTM2 is a game that kills the brain of anyone who tries to beat it... and our green friend is the final Boss of this wonderful game!

3. Robo Army's Jeed (Final Boss)

Dr. Jeed might only be a head packing a diseased brain, but it has developed a formidable fighting robot where it can take place. Now, you'll have to destroy piece by piece this metal mastiff...

Too bad that the Neo Geo was not entitled to a host a bunch of mega-hits BTU as it was the case with the CPS or CPS-II. SNK clearly dedicated itself to VS Fighting games, neglecting this king of soft, yet quite popular with arcade players.

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