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Everyone who have some interest in videogames or mangas knows about some games, or has at least heard about Fatal Fury. The Bogard brothers, the charismatic Geese Howard, the luscious Mai Shiranui... A whole universe of characters as intriguing as endearing each other, that we barely see differently that punching faces and kicking asses around! Let's get deeper in this universe. What are the links between the characters, who hate each other, where and when did all this drama started ... Introspection in the Fatal Fury universe, its various games, its characters, its story.



It all began in 1991 when the first game of the series was released: Fatal Fury. The action takes place the same year in Southtown, a lovely seaside resort on the american east coast. As it happens almost every year, the King of Fighters tournament will unfold all around the city, and fearsome fighters of the world make the trip to involve in it and become the champion. The organizer of this event is no other than Geese Howard, a prominent businessman in sometimes questionable businesses, literally owning a part of the city. The man created the tournament in 1979 (Art of Fighting 2). But we're almost twelve years later, and the situation is a little different. Three new particular contestants have come to enter the King of Fighters competition: the Bogard brothers, Terry and Andy, and their friend Joe Higashi. All three are powerful experts in different martial arts: they came to try their luck in the tournament, but this is just a cover. The three men are actually coming to avenge the death of Jeff Bogard, who was murdered by Geese Howard in 1981, while Terry and Andy were only children.

Terry arriving in Southtown (Fatal Fury)
Terry arriving in Southtown (Fatal Fury)

Southtown is a city located in Florida, a pretty touristic destination. This is where Bogard brothers were born in the early seventies, and the a large part of the story of Fatal Fury will take place there. This is a very nice city, situated at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, in the Gulf of Mexico. It's a good place to live, even if the most awful traffics are going on under the influence of the evil Geese Howard and his clique. Always surrounded by bodyguards, respected and feared by all, the man holds a tremendous financial empire in the city. He made for himself the Howard Building, in which various staff manages its businesses. Regularly, the man organizes the 'King of Fighters' event, a martial arts tournament, in which the best experts come from all around the world to try their luck. That year, the tournament will experience an unexpected outcome for once ...



Terry Bogard
Andy Bogard
Joe Higashi
Geese Howard
Mai Shiranui
Tung Fu Rue
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