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Ultra-violent holidays

by Tibe (2013)

And there it goes... After cleaning the streets of Metro City from its scum, Haggar and his friends begin their 'World Tour'! Book your tickets for this must-see show, with free punches distribution and kicks in the balls in perspective... This time it's Guy's girlfriend and her daddy who were sequestered by the "bad guys". As mobile phones and Facebook did not exist back in 1993, we were unable to contact the concerned one. This simplifies the scenario, since it is the sister of the kidnapped, and then the old man's kidnapped daughter, Maki, who calls Mike Haggar to help, being the friend of half-sister's aunt's girlfriend Guy, and Carlos, the brother's cousin's step-sister by marriage of Maki. This trio Haggar - Maki - Carlos replaces the previous (and famous) Haggar - Guy Cody team. Unlike Super NES version of Final Fight, here you can play with a pal: that's cool! 

Our team of fighters offers a variety of fighters almost similar to what was featured in the original 1989 game. A configuration that was oftenly used in a lot of Beat them Up productions: what we have here is a powerful wrestler (Haggar), a fast warrior (Maki) and a balanced one (Carlos). The stages are for the most exotic, since we left Metro City for an all-inclusive world tour: China, France, Netherlands, Italy, England, Japan... that's not bad! Even if the scenario is ultra-convoluted to justify such travels, this is commendable. And no bad surprises awaits the player: the backgrounds are looking good and offer different ambiances depending on the location, despite a palette a little dull at times. The main characters and bosses are finely drawn and lack no colors, but the basic enemies are neither beautiful nor very diverse: we always meet the same idiots from one level to another, and like Sengoku 3 or TMNT IV, it makes the game a bit boring at times. 

Too bad, because on the other hand, Final Fight 2 is full of good ideas like this world tour, where players have to travel the world to break legs and arms of enemies. We will travel through China, then France, Holland, and even in Japan. Remember this time we are entitled the cooperative game, plus the traditional bonus stages and the three selectable characters: these different features provide a nice variety to the action, in addition to its substantial life (more than an hour to make the loop). Another pleasant surprise is the quality of animation: it has progressed since the first adaptation of Final Fight, having now a much better decomposition - without still equaling the arcade game - a good pace for the action and very few slowdowns to report when playing two. The range of moves is the same as in Final Fight, and if it makes Par, it's too bad Capcom didn't choose to improve this. Simply because four years later, players would have liked some new features. There are still weapons, throws (three different for Haggar), and the special attack triggered with A+B. 

Concerning the means and the bad things in the game, how to forgive the sound that is so crappy, with totally uninteresting themes, not even surrounded by a good quality. The effects are faring a little better, and yet, it could be discussed. Another negative point, the game is way too easy: even with one credit, it's piece of cake, as the enemies are anemic and many health bonuses can be found all along the levels. Anyway, Capcom still has operated reasonably well with the Super NES and as such, let's not inhume Final Fight 2 so soon. So yes, the third game (Tough) is better and more beautiful with its thirty-two megs, no doubt about it. The first one is more classy and its gameplay way above, for sure... But anyway, this installment is full of qualities: it's long, has a proper roster, good graphics and animation, successful Bosses, varied backgrounds... And not to mention a pleasant fun factor and some surprises awaiting you for your first games. From there, to find in it the replay potential of a mega-hit, for sure, i won't say so... but this second episode in the saga remains a solid Beat them Up, filling the expectations of the aficionados.



That's not too bad for a Super NES, despite a little dull palette and repetitive enemy sprites.
Animation is well made and fast enough, slowdowns are rare: that's good!
Musics are too synthetic and little inspired, effects are doing slightly better... Overall, a mediocre soundtrack.
Final Fight 2 is very long, requiring more than one hour to clear. Too bad it's a little repetitive, but the cooperative play enhances the replay value.
Final Fight basics are transposed to SNES with more or less success: three selectable characters, two-players game, weapons to pick: not bad, but more variety for enemies and more moves would have helped.



Final Fight 2 stands as a good Beat them Up, no doubt about it: still far from its legendary ancestor in its arcade version, ultimately.


Burning Fight is the most similar game, but we can mention Mutation Nation too, a cut better than Final Fight 2.

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