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by Jeff

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Neo Cherry Master is neither more nor less than a slot machine simulation for Neo Geo Pocket. The console welcomed a bunch of games like this, with among others a few different Slot Machines and classic casino games like blackjack, poker and of course some Pachinko. The poker game consists on a Video Poker classic game and not at all a friendly Poker game with friends: we're at the Casino, boy! The Cherry Master consists of nine figures, and one can earn on a total of eight lines: three horizontal, three vertical and two diagonals. The original mode is more complete with bonuses, the ability to save scores as simply fit the bill for a quick game. Options rather smashing even allow access to the settings of the machines, if you wish to use some tricks..! Place your bet on the number of lines you want, and start the reels, as in the Casino! When the symbols are aligned, the jackpot comes... You want to play without brainstorming too much? SNK has what you need! Well, here we do not make money, it's on ... For this, there are the Casino en ligne games now, if you're a real player! ;)


Neo Cherry Master is perfect for a handheld system, providing nearly the sensations of a slot machine. We would have prefered all Casino games on one cartridge instead of that many (Neo Mystery Bonus, Dragon's Wild, Neo Baccarat, Neo 21...) but Cherry Master is still a must-have for slot machines lovers!

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