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by Jeff

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Neo 21 is neither more nor less than a BlackJack simulation on Neo Geo PocketThe system also hosted a bunch of casino gamesincluding an impressive amount of different Slot Machines, the classic game of Poker and a dozen of Pachinko games that encountered great success in Japan. Here, the Neo 21 is simply a table where you play blackjack with a nice brunette croupierWins are multiplied according to the combinations and in case of consecutive victoriesbut as you'll have to meet some luck and play smart. It is also possible to increase the bet during the game, once the first card is given... If you like taking risksWhen your total is higher than the bankyou win... Let's remind the rules for noobsBank distributes cards to the players one by oneThese have a value equal to their number: a 4 is worth four points, a 10 ten pointsFace cards are worth ten points, while the Ace is worth one or ten points depending on the player's desire. Get as close as possible to 21 without exceeding this valuemake a higher score will eliminate youThe player making the highest total without going over 21 wins the pot. Neo 21 is a good way to practice before moving on real gaming tables, and a very nice soft for traveling by train or plane!


Neo Twenty-One is an especially suitable software for a handheld console, faithfully recreating BlackJack game. We would have preferred a single cartridge to group all versions of casino games on NGPC (Neo Mystery Bonus, Dragon's Wild Neo Baccarat Neo Cherry Master and so on ...) But Twenty-One is a must-have  for  card games addicts on SNK's portable system.

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