See the humor of each character:  During the order select, you can see mental condition of your fighters by pressing START.


Choose your winning Pose: After a victory, hold A, B, C, or D to choose a winning pose.


Extra Survivor Mode: To play an alternate Survivor Mode, place the cursor on 'SURVIVOR MODE' in the main menu, then validate with A+C.


Play Omega Rugal: Put the cursor on Rugal and hold START. You can now play the Boss of the game.


Play Orochi Team: Positionnez vous sur Yashiro, Shermie ou Chris en maintenant START enfoncé: les versions Ororchi apparaissent.Put the cursor on Yashiro, Shermie or Chris while holding START: their Orochi versions are now available


Play EX characters: Some fighters can be played with their Kof 95' moves. Still by holding START, this tip works for the following characters: Terry, Andy, Joe, Ryo, Robert, Yuri, Kyo, Mai, Billy (these last two have their RB2 moves).


Special endings of teams: Clear the game with one of these teams to see their special ending...


Andy, Benimaru, Robert
Billy, Chang, Joe
Chang, Chin, Choi
Chizuru, Iori, Kyo
Chris, Kensou, Shingo
Chris, Kyo, Saisyu
Chris, Yamazaki, Yashiro
Clark, Lucky, Terry
Goro, Joe, Yuri
Heidern, Leona, Ralf
Iori, Kyo, Shingo
Kim, Saisyu, Takuma
Kyo, Ryo, Terry
Kyo, Saisyu, Shingo
Mature, Rugal, Vice
Mature, Shermie, Vice
Ryo, Takuma, Yuri


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