Dark suits: Hold START when selecting character.


Play Musashi & Kagami: At the character select, in less than 3 seconds, enter 6 times C, 3 times B and 4 times C.


Special ending for Kaede: Clear the first four stages with normal Kaede, then stages 5 & 6 with Awakened Kaede. The seventh stage (Yuki) with normal Kaede, the eight with Awakened. The ninth (against Musashi) can be done with any Kaede; then, play the first round against Kagami with normal Kaede, the second with Awakened Kaede. Finish Okina and Shigen with Awakened Kaede only.


Okina's Secret Tech : After stunning an opponent with Okina, hit him again with ↓ ↘ → + C. Opponent will still be stun.


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