Here's a little list a some interesting things you can do with Universe Bios (3.0), except unlocking blood in every game, allow infinite credits or invincibility...


Kof 94: playable Rugal 

Kof 95: playable Rugal & Saysiu Kusanagi

Kof 96: playable Chizuru & Goenitz

Kof 97: playable Orochi Yashiro, Chris & Shermie, Orochi Iori and Leona.

Kof 99: playable Krizalid (dip 1.3), Kyo & Iori.

Kof 2000: playable Zero . (dip 1.3, push start and below Kula)

Kof 2003: playable Adelheid, Kagura, Mukad.

Samurai Spirits: playable Amakusa.

Samurai Spirits 2: playable Kuroko et Mizuki.

Samurai Spirits 3: playable Zankuro.

Samurai Spirits 4: playable Zankuro.

Samurai Spirits Zero: playable Poppy, Sankuro, Yumeji et Gaoh.

Samurai Spirits Zero Special: Unlocks Zetsumei Ougi (fatalities).

Art of Fighting: playable Mr Big et Mr Karaté.

Art of Fighting 2: playable Geese Howard.

Art of Fighting 3: playable Sinclair & Wyler.

Last Blade: playable Musashi & Kagami.

Last Blade 2: playable Kotetsu, Hagure, Kaede before awakening & Choryu.

Fatal Fury 2: playable Billy, Axel, Laurence & Krauser.

Fatal Fury Special: playable Ryo.

Fatal Fury 3: playable Yamasaki, Chonsu & Chonrei.

Fatal Fury Real Bout Special: playable Geese Howard  + EX characters.

Fatal Fury Real Bout 2: playable Alfred (dip 1.8 & 2.8, B+C select Terry)

SVC Chaos: 10 playable hidden Bosses.

World Heroes Perfect: playable Zeus, Neo Dio et Son Gokuu.

Kabuki Klash: 4 playable Bosses.

Ninja Masters: playable Ranmaru & Nobunaga.

View Point: unlocks cooperative play for AES.

Matrimelee: 5 playable Bosses.

Rage of the Dragons: playable Abubo et Johann.

Magician Lord: Keeping the Power Up even when hit.

Windjammers: Infinite timer (phew!)

Waku Waku 7: playable Fernandez & Bonus Kun!


Moreover, UB provides a real life to many games that were packing infinite credits:


- Prehistoric Isle 2 (Choose Japan mode, and play without continues)

- Ghost Pilots, ASO 2, Blazing Star, Ninja Combat, Cyber Lip, Sonic Wings 2 & 3, Burning Fight: Set the credits between 4 & 10 depending on your skills. These games will give a real challenge!


I'm talking only about a few games, it's up to you to try more! Discover the joy of the uUniverse Bios by yourself! ;)

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