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One year after Fatal Fury, SNK has revised its tables and is preparing to show a new rival for Capcom's Street Fighter II. Fatal Fury 2 was released in December 1992 in arcades: few days later, Capcom publishes the second upgrade of its saga, Street Fighter II' Turbo, succeeding to prior 'Champion Edition'. SNK on its side, has been mourning the first Fatal Fury and goes on completely new foundations for this sequel. Action of FF2 takes place worldwide - like in SFII - and twelve warriors make up the table with a lot of newcomers. Capcom doesn't changes much its winning recipe and offers in this new version a few light improvements for the gameplay and graphics, but above all an improved game speed. If the cartridge size has little changed since Street Fighter II (72Mb /62Mb), proving the few amelioration from one game to another, Fatal Fury 2 weighs almost twice its senior (106MB against 55MB). The Neo Geo unleashes its power, and it's only the beginning. Technically, SNK's Neo Geo hardware is slightly better than Capcom's CPS and the editor knows it: CPS-II is scheduled on the following year.


Capcom's side, no real changes concerning graphics for this Turbo version. Some color changes here and there... the graphical tweaks are really more succinct and were only made to keep some variety. What was sublime and innovative in 1991 is still remarkable, but 1993 is coming and the company still uses the two years-old graphics for this episode. Fatal Fury 2 offers as much backgrounds as its competitor, but these are fresh and new! More seriously, the stages in  SNK's  game are very successful and intelligently varied. We travel from the rooftops of Big Ben to Barcelona's arenas, Jubei's japanese garden and Mount Rushmore, through the canals of Venice... Moreover, the colors change from one round to another like in Fatal Fury (morning, evening, night). On the other hand, the characters are finely drawn, large and colorful and offer great relief. A good work, having FF2 dominating its competitor with its graphics!

FATAL FURY 2 ................................96%



Fatal Fury 2 is dynamic, the decomposition of characters moves has much changed since the first episode, making the action smoother. The game speed is a standard in 1992 and even quite fast for the time... but here, the 'Turbo' of Street leaves the competition behind! The pace is very high, making fights very intense and taking. Capcom didn't add steps of animation to the fighters, but they were already proposing a good decomposition, with smooth and fluid moves all the way. Now, these are super fast and more! The SNK production features more dynamic backgrounds... but that does not offset the advantage taken by Street Fighter II 'Turbo on the character's animation, and the speedy feeling during combats.

FATAL FURY 2 ................................90%



FF2 features almost 100% new melodies: some tunes are original and successful (Jubei, Laurence, May), some others fabulous, like the Krauser's Dies Irae or just Terry's theme - that became legendary. The audio quality is simply the cream of the crop for a 1992 game. SFIIT didn't have much to do: musics of Street Fighter II are taken back as it has been done before with 'Champion Edition'. The sound quality here is much lower than the Neo Geo's, but some characters themes are simply legendary (Ken, Ryu, Guile, M. Bison). The excellent sound effects from Street Fighter II' are reproduced in full without any improvement. These are powerful and well chosen, but the quality of the CPS sampling is aging dramatically. If the sound effects and the heavy vocal digits send  good vibes, quality is mediocre and not much work have been done compared to those of Fatal Fury 2. This is perfect in this regard: the sound effects are first rate and it's top notch quality, just like the music.

FATAL FURY 2 ...............................93%



Street Fighter II 'Turbo takes exactly the same roster as the previous game: twelve selectable characters. To be clear, this is still the reference back in 1992. No other fighting game were offer as many fighters with such a range of moves. The unspeakable bonuses are of course kept, and the difficulty has been slightly increased and the 1-P game is a bit harder than before. Fatal Fury 2 has made huge progress on the replay value: from three selectable characters, the number is increased to eight. The main heroes (Joe, Andy and Terry) are back, as the huge wrestler Raiden who's now re-named Big Bear. The rest of the roster consists of newcomers. Four Bosses await you, as it was the case in Street Fighter II (before they became playable). More moves, more characters, and new bonus stages... and SNK title is about as difficult as its competitor. Despite these significant progress, SFIIT still forge ahead with its four more characters.

FATAL FURY 2 ................................88%



SNK has opted for big changes: the four buttons on the stick are now used. Two buttons for punches, two for kicks, plus combinations. C+D performs a power attack, A+B allows to switch between game planes. Fatal Fury fighting takes place on two planes: it provides a sort of 'three dimensional' scene for the fighting area. This feature allows among others to dodge a projectile or a long-range attack, but also to attack the enemy from far away, or just manage the space between fighters. We can also dodge with backdash or even walk while crouching, and perform a counter attack too: while opponent is attacking, guard, then do -> + A. Speaking about moves, let's take some examples: Joe features fifteen basic attacks, two throws, and four special moves. Capcom's side, Ryu has a panel of about twenty basic attacks, two throws and four special moves. This is pretty close, especially since playing with four buttons is more intuitive than six: Capcom maintains the three punch buttons and three kicks, no changes here. Ryu and Ken can now perform the Air Hurricane Kick, Chun Li can throw a fireball and Dhalsim teleport. But speaking about imrovements, the game from SNK is even stronger. Like in Art of Fighting, each character has a special attack called 'Fury', triggerable via a combination, only when your life bar twinkles: this option allows to reverse desperate situations, and spices up the rounds! This setting returns to even the rivals about technical depth, but Capcom takes advantage on a crucial part: the combos. SFIIT is still ahead with this feature, despite the great efforts put in Fatal Fury 2.

FATAL FURY 2 ................................87%



Fatal Fury 2 performs vast improvements since the first game. More beautiful and varied graphics, totally new animations, new soundtrack, roster improved from three to eight characters, new controls considerably better... Street Fighter II' Turbo on its side, provides much less changes since the Champion Edition: increased speed, few new moves, more accurate gameplay, new colors... While the realization of our two competitors are almost equal in excellence, Capcom's hit keeps a little advance on life and gameplay: four more playable characters, a well-oiled combat system with combos and great mechanisms. What will happen in 1993, when the next games of those rival series will be released? Will SNK make it to surpass its competitor? It's a dream match not to be missed under any circumstances:

      Fatal Fury Special VS Super Street Fighter II!





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